Rainbow Incinerator Zoa

Rainbow Incinerator Zoa

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The Rainbow Incinerator Zoanthids are one of the most beautiful and most prized designer zoas on the market. With it’s beautiful golden melon base color, contrasting black accents and aqua highlighted lashes, this one is truly for the zoa collector. Rainbow Incinerators Zoanthids are easy to keep and are a great choice for the beginner. Zoanthids and Palythoa will grow and reproduce by budding.

Size: Price Per Polyp

Care Level: Easy

Lighting: Low to Moderate

Placement: Bottom

Temperament: Semi-aggressive 

Waterflow: Medium

Classification: Soft Coral

Water Conditions: 75-80° F; sg 1.024-1.026 (1.025 is ideal); pH 8.1-8.4 Ca 420-440 ppm, Alk 8-9.5 dKH, Mg 1260-1350, Nitrates <10ppm, Phosphates, < .10ppm

The coral pictured here is a representation only and the piece you receive is similar from the same coral but may vary in pattern, coloration, and shape.