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AR Grinch Bounce Shroom

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Aquarium Reefers Grinch Bounce Shroom Rhodactis mushrooms are a great choice for both beginning hobbyists looking for hardy additions to their reef tank as well as experienced collectors looking to add a potentially rare showpiece to their aquarium. With their amazing colors and ease of care, the Bounce Mushroom can easily become the centerpiece of any reef tank.

Size: 3/4-1"

Care Level: Easy

Lighting: Low to Moderate

Placement: Bottom

Temperament: Semi-aggressive 

Waterflow: Medium

Classification: Soft Coral

Water Conditions: 75-80° F; sg 1.024-1.026 (1.025 is ideal); pH 8.1-8.4 Ca 420-440 ppm, Alk 8-9.5 dKH, Mg 1260-1350, Nitrates <10ppm, Phosphates, < .10ppm

The coral pictured here is a representation only and the piece you receive is similar from the same coral but may vary in pattern, coloration, and shape.